Bellingham (A Dresden Files City)

Adventure 1: Hello World (of Dresden)!

This was our intro session, so it takes place in Chicago.
Father Forthill is concerned because the corpse of a saint went missing from a crypt in a local church, so he has asked that Harry Dresden help track down the perpetrators. Harry is in the middle of a case, so he reaches out to his fledgling network of minor practitioners and finds Gordon Aikens. Harry puts in a good word with Karrin Murphy and sends Gordon to talk to her. Since this is a police matter she sends Gordon in as a consultant.

Father Malcolm Deeds meanwhile is met early in the morning by Father Forthill who communicates his concern, beyond the missing corpse. Malcolm begins investigating and is eventually met by several uniformed officers along with Gordon Aikens.

Malcolm reaches out to a fellow priest and discovers similar attempts at breaking into his church, but he locks up at night whereas Malcolm does not (to allow the homeless a place to sleep). After praying on the matter, Father Deeds is pointed to two possible locations, downtown and the waterfront. He feels pulled to the waterfront, and so Malcolm and Gordon start surveilling the docks. They decide to cook for the vagrants in the area, asking them questions as they eat. This leads them to an abandoned warehouse.

At this point they attract too much attention to themselves and a car with 4 individuals inside try to eliminate Malcolm and Gordon. After getting chased off, this car retreats a few blocks away where they lose control of their vehicle and crash into a building. The individuals all go in different directions, and a ground chase with the police ensue. Gordon and Malcolm decide to wait until night to approach the warehouse.

As they approach the warehouse they are jumped by a thug wielding a gun. After eliminating him, they go inside where they are again jumped by 3 more gunmen. After this they enter the main part of the warehouse where they find a group performing a ritual. They have run into 2 Black Court Vampires, and in the center of the circle of power is a long dead corpse. Fortunately they interrupt the ritual before it can be completed, and are able to kill the Vampires. Karrin Murphy and Waldo Butters are called in to secure the scene after the corpses are left in the sunlight to be destroyed.



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