Gordon Aikens

Imagine a shy version of myself.


Currently Gordon is a gopher for the White Court Vampress Sarah Destrayde. His relationship with her is symbiotic in that she provides him with the resources that come from being social; i.e. a connection to the police force, steady flow of gossip from the bar, supernatural persons reports, and things of similar ilk. For his part he provides a daytime face to rule her minor empire in the college town of Bellingham, WA. Gordon’s affinity toward math and logic make him well suited for running the Nightlight, a bar that runs as a feeding ground/cover business for his mistress.

Though he is reluctant to meet new people or bring new faces into his routine, Gordon has found a man he can trust in Father Malcom Deeds. And he has thus far found a man who can handle the physicality inherit in his role as a paranormal protector in another man of scholarly worth, Professor ______.

Gordon has a doctorate in mathematical theory. Two masters degrees in Data Analysis and Archaic languages, which he earned after he became a practitioner of air.

He is currently working on perfecting his ability to direct bodies with air. He started by holding black court vampires to the ground while Father Deeds pierced their hearts with a stake, and has since moved on to trying to levitate himself in a simulation of flight.

Gordon Aikens

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